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They think it's all over...
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...it is now!

Well I can no longer hide behind the title of "student" anymore. I've official joined the ranks of the unemployed (eurgh).

As you may have guessed, yesterday was my graduation.


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i think it's finally sinking in that I have completely finished my degree and that I managed it first time round.  I'm still finding it hard to believe that I never have to write another essay on something so inane that you have to seriously squint to see the link to Speech and Language therapy.

So, anyway, i officially graduate next Tuesday.  I really can't believe it....graduating has seemed like six million light years away for so long that it is really had to believe that I've managed to reach that light at the end of the tunnel:)

In other news, I'm now back living with my parents.  Don't get me wrong I love them dearly but I'm really not sure how long I'm going to be able to hack it for. Mum and Dad's house is quite open plan down stairs which = zero privacy.  I'm currently in that awkward stage of a relationship before you become offical but when you are still getting to know each other but you wouldn't class yourself as completely single but to make life really easy he is Welsh and has no signal at home so our only method of communication is Skype at the moment. It's pretty difficult to get to know somebody when your Mum has requested that you don't Skype upstairs because it keeps her awake and downstairs is completely open plan with your little sister sat at the other end of the room listening to every word! I'm going down to Wales next month so we might actually be able to chat in private then...

Oh, and it's H's wedding in a couple of weeks. It was her hen do in Leicester last weekend. We did a Go-Ape aerial assault course in the morning.  What a nightmare...I mean you're talking to a girl who didn't even own a pair of trainers until last week! I was absolutely petrified the whole way round. I didn't think I was scared of heights but as it turns out I am. I can walk along cliff edges  all day and have absolutely no problems in planes etc but put me in a flimsy harness and make me take responsibility for my own safety and I am absolutely petrified!


Bsc (Hons)....
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Well, yesterday was the dreaded results day and...

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Entering mild panic mode...
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Argh, my exam is due to start in 45 minutes with access to the room available in 15!!

I'm not too proud to say...I've definately got my brown pants on today!

(More coherent update date available post 8pm this evening)

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Wow, I hadn't realised that it had been quite that long since I last posted!

Well, true to form, here's an old meme  for starters:

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Well my final exam is tomorrow and I'm not going to lie, I am shitting it!  I am to conduct an initial assessment session with an unseen client.  I know, he has a stammer and is a man but that's it! Scared does not even begin to cut it.

I can't believe I've come tor the end of my degree, it doesn't seem two minutes ago that I started and felt like I knew nothing and now, well I still feel like I know nothing...arses! 

I'll leave you with a small, baby little question.  How much  of an age difference do you think is too much?

The one in which Em breathes a MASSIVE sigh of relief!
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It's gone :) The bloody dissertation that has dominated all of my waking (and some of my sleeping) hours for the last six months is finally finished, bound and handed in! And if anybody even so much as mentions the words Autism, TEACCH or the Picture Exchange Communication system to me I will not be responsible for my actions.

So, since hand in, I've been mostly sleeping! I had a flaming lot to catch up on...6 hours in 72 makes Emily very, very grumpy!

Also I want to say a massive THANK YOU to wyvernchick ! Thank you so much for all of your words of encouragement, they were very much appreciated :) *Snuggles*

I think I can...I think I can
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Dear Mr Dissertation.

I have Iron Bru.  I have Monster. I have Pringles and Tangfastics. I have Pro-Plus and I have UB40 on the iPod!

Bring it on!. I know you've enjoyed raining all over my parade for the last FOREVER but I'm not going to bed until you are finished so you might as well play nice and get done nice a quickly for me.

Signed: A slightly desperate Em.

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Those of a nervous disposition may wish to look away now...

(gone? This isn't going to be pretty...)


I'm seriously nearing the very end of my tether with this bastard dissertation! I've been working on it none stop for the last week and it's just not fucking going away! I swear to God, somebody is hacking into my laptop of a night and creating new problems to replace the ones that I've fixed that day (that, or else it really is THAT bollocks!).  Today I actually deleted a sentence which basically said that people with autism are autistic. The words no, shit and Sherlock come to mind, I'm fairly sure that my 80yr old Grandma could have come to that conclusion.

Arghh. Deep breaths Em, deep breaths. Roll on Monday when I am planning to consume my body weigh in Pinot-fucking-Grigio.   

The one in which Em blows the dust off her LJ!
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I can't believe how long it's been since I last I last posted! Life's been pretty hectic recently.  Dissertation hand in is in less than a month and my project is nowhere near ready.  I've just lost all motivation for the whole thing.  It feels like I've been working on the bloody thing forever and I'm not getting any where with it. I know it'll get done in the end it's just going to take chocolate and lots of it! In a way I don't think I want to finish it 'cause it means that my days are a student are well and truly numbered.  I came so close to applying for a job in London yesterday but I bottled it right at the last minute! Firstly the job was in Haringey and Haringey and Children's services aren't really best buds at the moment! I am tempted by one in Harrow though, it's the most perfect job for me but the prospect of moving to London as Billy No-Mates is a very scary prospect.

In other news, I got the results back for the exams I sat in Jan the other day. I passed both, which I'm over the moon about. I got a 2:1 in one of them and a *cough* 3rd in the other (but we're not talking about that one, ha).  I think I'm probably going to get a 2:2 at the end of it. In an ideal world, I'd love a 2:1 but I think too many of my modules have come back as a 2:2 to get that. Though I'm heading for a first in my placement :). Which can only be a good thing.

Oh, and I saw Calender Girls at the weekend and I'm still gushing about it. It was absolutely phenomenal. The acting was superb and I would completely recommend it to ANYBODY! We did catch a glimpse of Lydia Bellingham's boobie when she took her top of a wee bit too quickly (and for a lady of a certain age, she's got great boobs!) but it was great and Hannah Waterman was absolute brilliant (but  oh so skinny in real life)


So it'd be like...grr meow?
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Soyes, I had placement yesterday.  It went really well and I think I'm starting to develop a bit of a rapport with some of the patients, which is good. I left the house in a bit of a rush and ran (yes ladies and gents...RAN) to the train station up the road.  No mean feat in four inch heel when we'd had a light dusting of the white stuff! I bundled onto the platform with two minutes to spare and while I was trying to catch my breath (which I'd left about three streets away) I over heard this American lady talking to her daughter on the platform just in front of me.  From what I heard, I guess they were going to the zoo and the lady was telling the little girl about all the animals that they would see when they were there. They started talking about tigers and the mum was saying that they were big cats and the little one came out with this absolute cracker.

Girl: "So do they meow?"

Mum: "No darling they growl"

Girl: "So they'll be like...grr-meow"

Lucky the train pulled in just after that so I could move away before they heard me giggling.  Put me in a well good mood for the rest of the day though.

In other news: I chuffing hate bollocking Autistic Spectrum Disorders!

And I think I somewhat over estimated the capacities of my washing machine today. I set it off after cramming half my wardrobe in and when I came to hang it up I found that the pair of pants in the middle were still bone dry! Whoops....


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